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About Lemery Connects

Where connecting the right people to the right opportunity is not just what we do every day. It’s our singular purpose and inspires a passionate commitment to transforming lives through the power of connectivity.


Meet Penelope

“It’s all about connecting with real people on a fundamental level, before you connect them with an opportunity. Getting to know a person and understanding how just that one single connection can transform someone’s life is a powerful and humbling experience. Whether it’s a single mom trying to support her family, a fresh out of college millennial trying to find that first stepping stone, or a long-time upper level manager who’s ready for a change – everyone has an opportunity out there somewhere that will lead them to a happier and more purpose driven life. And my job is to help them find it. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do." - Penelope Lemery

With a 20+ year history of working with major insurance carriers such as Hartford, Universal North America/ ISAC, and ASI American Strategic Insurance and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Penelope’s experience has spanned nearly every area of insurance claims, recruiting, training, compliance and operations.


She started her career with Hartford and worked her way from a Claims Representative to Operations Leadership, served as a Liaison for UNA/ISAC Insurance’s TPA Program, and most recently served as National Compliance and Operations Manager for American Strategic Insurance.

Throughout her career, Penelope recruited, interviewed and hired all levels of claims, as well as initiated recruiting programs at local Florida Universities to broaden the horizons of millennial's entering the insurance industry. She was selected to manage specialty vendor programs working closely with engineers, attorneys, contractors, IA’s, TPA’s, and other insurance professionals. Penelope served as the Agent Liaison for new state expansion, traveling and presenting nationwide to hand selected agents to ensure their satisfactory claims experience.


Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring for virtually every position within the insurance industry (Product Managers, Underwriters, Accounting, Sales, Claims, IT, Legal, etc.) are at the very core of Penelope’s experience and are an integral part of what makes Lemery Connects more than your average recruiter.


Why Partner with Lemery Connects


Safeguarding a client’s privacy

and personal information

is not optional – it’s mandatory

at Lemery Connects.


Our 20+ years of industry experience encompasses a wide-variety of areas - our versatility is your secret weapon. 


We do things differently. We get to know the person, not just the resume or company profile - we are an extension of your team.

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