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With a strong focus on our client's goals and key initiatives, we work side-by-side with you to develop a strategic road-map to success.

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Lemery Connects provides fully integrated consulting services to a wide-variety of insurance specialties and industries. 

 Companies operating within the insurance industry often depend on outside resources for a variety of services such as Claims Management, Training and Marketing, just to name a few. Lemery Connects provides consulting services in these areas, as well as complex areas like compliance, loss control and safety management. If your business needs it, we can help.

Successful businesses understand that to compete in a global marketplace, it’s not enough to simply have access to a vast pool of resources. To truly maximize business opportunities requires a fundamental understanding of how to allocate those resources and the ability to recognize the need to seek the expertise of external resources when necessary.

Connect with us and we'll put our expertise to work for you and tailor it to the specific needs of your business.  

Consulting Services


  • Claim Support

  • Marketing & Business Development

  • Training & Presentations 

  • Operations, Compliance, & Efficiencies

  • Loss Control & Risk Management


Our team of insurance industry professionals have over 20 years of Claims Adjusting and Management experience in Auto, Workers Compensation, Liability, Litigation, Residential and Commercial Property and are fully licensed - ALL Lines FL 620 License.

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We have a history of successfully connecting businesses and vendors and have built an extensive network of professional contacts within the insurance industry. We develop Vendor Management Programs for carriers and leverage our contacts to maximize Business Development efforts for our clients. 

Skilled in strategic communication and vendor relationship management, our team has the blueprint for ensuring excellent service and decreased costs.

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We believe in continuous education. And we're ready to support your company's efforts to do the same. We have over 20 years of participating in and providing:

  • Diversity & Inclusion Training for Leaders & Employees

  • Train the Trainer Seminars

  • Expansion Presentations Nationwide

  • Claims & Agents Special Events

  • Customized Pre-Recorded Training Videos

  • Conference Speaking Engagements 

  • Live Webcasts

  • Change Agent & Process Rollouts

  • Customer Service

  • Employee Motivation

  • Dealing with Difficult Customers

  • Continuing Education Training

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Training $ Presentations Anchor


Leading teams of employees and supervising staff for multiple offices, while simultaneously guiding teams through technology and artificial intelligence in a virtual environment, is only one aspect of our team’s operational experience.


Implementing strategic analysis and consistent updating of internal processes to increase efficiencies is another way our team can help your company to protect your bottom line.

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Identifying hazards in the workplace and providing recommendations for risk management is a critically important task. We have extensive experience providing precise details of a company’s operation while identifying the hazards involved.


We will help you evaluate your company’s safety management and loss control progress and also provide recommendations for risk improvement while assisting in the development of customized safety programs.

Need help with Loss Control or Risk Management? Let's Connect!

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